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We don't simply supply and forget, we make sure you have the best solution for the job and can supply almost any product. We work at the forefront of radio and industrial communications with leading manufactures and innovators. Whether you are new to radio and rugged smart communication or are maintaining and expanding your fleet looking for radio hire or supply, Comms-Safe will help you with all of your requirements from basic radio to radio setup to comprehensive ATEX, two way digital systems with repeaters, cellular PTT, headsets and accessories.

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Radio Hire and Sales

VHF and UHF, Analogue and Digital two way radio communication solutions on a sales or hire basis including ATEX intrinsically safe, hazardous environment products. Everything from handheld PMR, aviation pilot headsets, in ear communication, all encompassing radio headsets such as PELTOR LiteCom, vehicle radio to full systems and repeaters. Whatever your application, Aviation, On and Ofshore Oil and Gas, Marine, Industrial, Events, Food and Drink or private. We can supply or hire radios from Hytera, Motorola, icom, Kenwood, 3M PELTOR headsets and much more. As radio specialists we can help with any enquiry. Radio hire is subject to availability.


Rugged Industrial Smart Phones and Tablets

Smart phones have been a game changer in how we live our lives. We carry devices capable of communicating with the world, phone, email, video conferencing, capturing photos, video, accessing information and that run apps with infinite possibilities. These devices have been made rugged for industry and all of these benefits and more can be part of your work environment even ATEX intrinsically safe zones. They can tie in with your infrastructure to become part of your existing comms network but its not just comms, with APP developers ready to work with you on your specific needs the possibilities are limitless. Available for sale or hire subject to availability.


Radio Maintenance and Repair Service and Training

Our maintenance and radio repair service will make sure we keep you in communication. Even if we are not the original source of supply we will do all we can to help and get your equipment back in service as quickly as possible. We can look at Hytera, Motorola, icom, Kenwood, 3M PELTOR headsets and much more including ATEX devices, just ask. Its not just about the right product, if you or your team are new to radio communication or are introducing a new solution or product we can conduct Radio training and tool box talks and document it making sure everyone is fully informed.


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